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SportSub is our entry-level 3 person sub. It seats two people side-by-side, or three with the pilot front and center and a passenger on either side behind. It provides a roomy cockpit and generous view ports. Every occupant can see forward through the front windows and down through the dashboard windows. In addition, the two domed windows on each side provide wide-angle views looking up, down, and even behind the sub.

SportSub Advanced Systems



Multiple backup systems are standard including: EBC Manual Override, ReservAir, and Manual Cockput Air Inlet
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Fly-By-Wire Joystick

The thruster speed control joystick is somewhat similar to what is used in military aircraft.
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Automatic Buoyancy Control

Keeps buoyancy constant throughout a dive, regardless of depth.
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Auto-hover Depth Control System

Displayed to the pilot on a simple multi-segment, multi-color, LED read-out.
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The advantages our unique ambient subs

Cool Number
ambient pressure submersible:

swim entry is an experience like no other

< ambient pressure submersible>This wet entry model means the pressure inside the hulls of our vessels is always equal to the pressure of the surrounding water, no matter how deep the sub goes. One major advantage to this SportSub design is the intensity of the experience. A ride in a closed atmosphere sub is a lot like sitting in a chair watching a TV show about the underwater world.  In a SportSub, the feeling is more like entering an alien environment. Passengers describe it like a trip to a foreign planet.
Other advantages of this system include:

01. experience
02. safety
03. usability
04. weight & handling
05. cost
06. natural cooling

Cost of ownership

Another primary objective of the SportSub design is to keep the cost low enough for personal recreational use and for profitable tourist ride operations. To meet this objective, consideration was given not only to the initial purchase price but also to the cost of ongoing maintenance as well as auxiliary equipment required for operation, including launch and recovery.

holds people
dive duration
dive depth
subs are our passion

crafted with intelligence,
precision and style.

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