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Cairns 130

pilot training packages available


SportSub III SS

$120,000 US

This three person commercial grade SportSub is built for the demands of everyday operations. It’s custom built for each customer and designed with it’s own unique graphics and paint job. It includes everything required to dive as listed in the feature list. Additional options such as communication and light systems, are listed below.

additional options

SportSub Trailer (price is an estimate only and to be confirmed)
Surface to Pilot Communicator – Commercial Grade Communications System by DiveLink, All Waterproof Components
Additional Headsets

Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer (Included standard with the SportSub)

Submarine Lights

Submarine Cover for UV and weather protection. Created custom for your branding. Call for pricing.

Removable pony bottle with three regulators

Complete Horizontal Thruster Assembly (24v, salt water corrosion resistant, fiberglass dive plane assembly around motor, prop, composite shaft, and sacrificial anode nut)

Vertical Thruster Motor Assembly (24v, white in colour, salt water corrosion resistant, prop, composite shaft, and sacrificial anode nut)

Battery Wiring Assembly
Buoyancy Control Assembly
Junction Box Assembly
Pressure Hose Assembly
Auto-Hover Control Panel Assembly
Commercial Grade 225 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Battery
24 Volt Marine Grade Battery Charger with 10′ cable/plug (Powerfactor correction/global AC input – Customer input connection required)

SportSub Pilot Training is done using your SportSub, at your location. We send fully qualified Sport Sub instuctors so that you can be trained to pilot your sub, as well as maintain and operate your sub.

Prerequisites to SportSub Pilot Training are as follows: As a minimum, you must be an Open Water Certified SCUBA diver, and you must be in good health and ready for adventure!

No one should pilot a sub without first receiving proper training. This is very important. SportSubs are life supporting submersibles, and none of the built-in safety features will be of any use to you if you don’t know how to use them!

Before getting pilot training, you should go to your local Dive shop and get trained as an open water Scuba diver. SportSubs are built around basic Scuba diving principles and the sub pilot training assumes you are a Scuba diver and know the diving principles. Once you have your Scuba training completed, call our office and we will make the arrangements for your training.

  • All of our submarine models are built to order and delivery about 12 weeks after receipt of deposit, subject to current backlog.
  • All submarines and parts are ex-works Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Crating, freight, insurance, duties, and taxes are extra (if applicable).
  • Payment is to be made by Wire Transfer. All payments must be in US dollars. All sales are final.

For more information get in touch with us by email.

This information is subject to change without notice.

Pricing-current – SportSubs

standard features






Exterior views

cockpit view